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  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lazy



  1. plural of lazy
  2. (with the) Laziness; the mood or feeling of being lazy.
    • 1654, Robert Harris, The Way to True Blessedness in XXIV Sermons on the Beatitudes in The Works of Robert Harris, London: John Bartlet, p. 99,[1]
      Just so your idle vagrant, he would work for his living, but no body will hire him; he would work, but he wants clothes; clothes you give him, but then he wants tooles; you supply him with tooles, but the truth is, he hath an infirmity, he is lame in his limbs and sickly; nay, the truth is, he is lame in his will and sick of the lazies: were the will right, these excuses needed not.
    • 1957, Vinnie Williams, The Fruit Tramp, London: Hutchinson, p. 93,
      A picker beside him wiped his neck. “I sure wish I was in one of them trailers, laying back and letting the lazies git me.”
    • 2016, Marissa Gainsburg, “Bringing Up the Rear,” Women’s Health South Africa, April 2016, p. 50,[2]
      It’s the biggest and most important muscle you have, but your glutes can get a case of the lazies, forgetting to “activate” or “turn on” sufficiently during everyday tasks or workouts []