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Greenlandic cardinal numbers
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    Cardinal : marluk


From Proto-Inuit *malʁu- (two, pair), from Proto-Eskimo *malǝʁu- (two, pair). It is likely that the -k ending is a remnant of the, now obsolete, dual ending -k.



  1. two
    • 1982 August 4, "Qalasersuaq kujalleq Ammassalimmut nuunneqarallartoq", Atuagagdliutit / Grønlandsposten
      BBC-p qaammatini marlunni filmiliornini TV-mi takutittagassaq tuluit ilisimasassarsiortuannut Sir Ernerst Schackleton-imut tunngasoq naammassigaat
      BBC has finished two months of filming for a TV series about English explorer Sir Ernerst Schackleton
    • 1992, "Meeqqakka", Atuagagdliutit/Grønlandsposten
      Nuliaralu siullermik ernertaarpugut, ukiut marluk qaangiummata panmissaarluta,[sic – meaning panissaarluta] sulilu ukiut marluk qaangiuteqqimmata panissaaqqilluta.
      My wife and I first had a son, two years later a daughter, and another two years after that, another daughter.