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men- +‎ jalan +‎ -kan


  • Hyphenation: men‧ja‧lan‧kan


menjalankan (passive dijalankan)

  1. to start (e.g. an engine, a car); to set in motion
    menjalankan mesin
    to start the engine
  2. to drive (e.g. a car)
    Saya pun menjalankan mobil dengan kecepatan tinggi.
    I was driving the car at high speed.
  3. to run or operate (e.g. a company, a business)
    menjalankan firma
    to operate a firm (a business)
  4. to execute, to carry out (e.g. an order)
    Presiden menjalankan undang-undang.
    The President executes the law(s).
    Polisi menjalankan tugas.
    The police execute (perform) [their] duty.
    menjalankan perintah
    to carry out orders


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