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  • IPA(key): /mɪˈnɔːɹət/, /mɪˈnɔːɹəs/



  1. plural of menorah
    • 1974: Israel Miśrad ha-ḥinukh ṿeha-tarbut, the Department of Antiquities and Museums, Ḥevrah la-ḥaḳirat Erets-Yiśraʾel ṿe-ʻatiḳoteha, and Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim Makhon le-arkheʾologyah, Israel Exploration Journal, volumes 24–25 (1974–1975), pages 195{1} & 284{2} (Israel Exploration Society)
      {1} Representations of five-branched menoroth are uncommon in such reliefs, although they are found on mosaic floors, lamps, etc.26
      {2} [] human heads (Pl. 62: C), probably decorative inlays for wooden boxes; a glass bracelet ornamented with menoroth; a mirror frame made of soft limestone and carved with two pillars supporting a gable; and an incense burner []
    • 1985?: Nicola? N. Hubbard, Holocene Settlement in the Western Cape, South Africa, № 498, page 347 (BAR International Series)
      It was much larger than the niche or aediculae, and, therefore, could house the Ark and probably the menoroth which were also needed in the ceremony.
    • 2001: Rachel Hachlili, The Menorah, the Ancient Seven-armed Candelabrum: Origin, Form, and Significance, page 104 (BRILL; ISBN 9004120173, 978-9004120174)
      Three plaques are decorated with menoroth (IS15.1-3; Figure II-35; Pls. II-65-66). On one plaque, two menoroth flank a Torah shrine; one has the menorah carved under the façade of a structure; on another a menorah is flanked by birds and architectural designs.