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From Ottoman Turkish مسافه(mesafe), from Arabic مَسَافَة(masāfa).


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mesafe (definite accusative mesafeyi, plural mesafeler)

  1. distance
    Lütfen, sağlığınız için mesafenizi koruyunuz.Please, for your health, keep your distance.


Nominative mesafe
Definite accusative mesafeyi
Singular Plural
Nominative mesafe mesafeler
Definite accusative mesafeyi mesafeleri
Dative mesafeye mesafelere
Locative mesafede mesafelerde
Ablative mesafeden mesafelerden
Genitive mesafenin mesafelerin
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
1st singular mesafem mesafelerim
2nd singular mesafen mesafelerin
3rd singular mesafesi mesafeleri
1st plural mesafemiz mesafelerimiz
2nd plural mesafeniz mesafeleriniz
3rd plural mesafeleri mesafeleri
Definite accusative
Singular Plural
1st singular mesafemi mesafelerimi
2nd singular mesafeni mesafelerini
3rd singular mesafesini mesafelerini
1st plural mesafemizi mesafelerimizi
2nd plural mesafenizi mesafelerinizi
3rd plural mesafelerini mesafelerini
Singular Plural
1st singular mesafeme mesafelerime
2nd singular mesafene mesafelerine
3rd singular mesafesine mesafelerine
1st plural mesafemize mesafelerimize
2nd plural mesafenize mesafelerinize
3rd plural mesafelerine mesafelerine
Singular Plural
1st singular mesafemde mesafelerimde
2nd singular mesafende mesafelerinde
3rd singular mesafesinde mesafelerinde
1st plural mesafemizde mesafelerimizde
2nd plural mesafenizde mesafelerinizde
3rd plural mesafelerinde mesafelerinde
Singular Plural
1st singular mesafemden mesafelerimden
2nd singular mesafenden mesafelerinden
3rd singular mesafesinden mesafelerinden
1st plural mesafemizden mesafelerimizden
2nd plural mesafenizden mesafelerinizden
3rd plural mesafelerinden mesafelerinden
Singular Plural
1st singular mesafemin mesafelerimin
2nd singular mesafenin mesafelerinin
3rd singular mesafesinin mesafelerinin
1st plural mesafemizin mesafelerimizin
2nd plural mesafenizin mesafelerinizin
3rd plural mesafelerinin mesafelerinin