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  • (UK, US) IPA(key): /miːˈθɪŋkst/



  1. (archaic or humorous) methinks
    • 1811, The history of Clarissa Harlowe: in a series of letters, Volume 3, J. Carpenter and William Miller, pg. 314:
      If thou designest to be honest, methinkst thou sayst, Why should not Singleton's plot be over with thee, as it is with her brother?
    • 1857, Alfred Elwes, trans. Mary Lafon, "Jaufry the Knight and the Fair Brunissende," Graham's illustrated magazine, publ. Watson, pg. 203:
      "Dwarf," said the king, " God save thee, too ! for thou methinkst are honest. Speak without fear, and do thy message featly."
    • 1907, Nixon Waterman, "New England Apostrophes," The New England Magazine, Volume 36, pg. 346:
      And yet, methinkst, as Ajax did of old
      Defy the lightning, so thou, too, dost dare
      To ask to have our tariff, so I'm told,
      Revised somewhat.

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