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  1. smile


Inflection of muhu
nominative sing. muhu
genitive sing. muhun
partitive sing. muhud
partitive plur. muhuid
singular plural
nominative muhu muhud
accusative muhun muhud
genitive muhun muhuiden
partitive muhud muhuid
essive-instructive muhun muhuin
translative muhuks muhuikš
inessive muhus muhuiš
elative muhuspäi muhuišpäi
illative ? muhuiže
adessive muhul muhuil
ablative muhulpäi muhuilpäi
allative muhule muhuile
abessive muhuta muhuita
comitative muhunke muhuidenke
prolative muhudme muhuidme
approximative I muhunno muhuidenno
approximative II muhunnoks muhuidennoks
egressive muhunnopäi muhuidennopäi
terminative I ? muhuižesai
terminative II muhulesai muhuilesai
terminative III muhussai
additive I ? muhuižepäi
additive II muhulepäi muhuilepäi


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