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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *naglaz (nail, claw), from Proto-Indo-European *h₃nogʰ-.

Germanic cognates: Old Frisian neil, Old Saxon nagal (Dutch nagel), Old High German nagal (German Nagel), Old Norse nagl (Swedish nagel).

Indo-European cognates: Ancient Greek ὄνυξ (ónux), Latin unguis (Italian unghia, Spanish uña), Old Irish ingen (Irish ionga), Old Church Slavonic ногъть (nogŭtĭ) (Russian ноготь (nógot’)), Proto-Baltic *naga- (Lithuanian nãgas, Old Armenian եղունգն (ełungn), Persian ناخن (nâxon), Sanskrit नख (nakhá)).



næġel m

  1. (anatomy) the nail of a finger or toe
    Gif nægl of honda weorðe...: if a nail comes off a hand... (AS Leechbook)
  2. a nail or peg as a fastening
    Mid næglum þurh-drifan ða hwitan honda: the white hands were driven through with nails. (Exeter Book)
  3. an instrument used to play the strings of a harp, a plectrum; (in compounds) handle