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When first used in 1704, in a letter by king Charles XII, this was an alternative form of oförhoppandes (used 1649-1852, now obsolete), a loan from German unverhoffend, unverhoffen. A corresponding adjective oförhoppad / oförhappad ("unhoped-for", used 1640-1818), is now obsolete.



  1. unexpectedly, randomly, by chance, unhoped-for, unlooked-for
    Men en dag, då jag oförhappandes inträder i en skomakarebutik, begynner bullret i samma ögonblick.
    But one day, as I randomly walk into a shoemaker's shop, the noise starts at the same moment.
    • Shakespeare (Swedish translation by Carl August Hagberg), Henry IV, part 1, act 5, scene 3, Sir John Falstaff speaking
      Tacka vill jag lifvet! Får jag behålla det, så är det bra; hvarom icke, kommer äran oförhappandes och dermed punkt.
      give me life; which if I can save, so; if not, honour comes unlooked for, and there's an end.