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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French pasnaie, from Latin pastinaca (parsnip, carrot), from pastinum (two-pronged fork); related to pastinare (to dig up the ground).


pônais m (plural pônais)

  1. (Guernsey) parsnip
    • 1883, Nicholas Guilbert, ‘L'Ami Pierre’:
      V'là not bouan vier ami Pierre, / A serellaïr dans ses pânais [] .
      There's our good old friend Peter, weeding his parsnips.
    • 2006, Peggy Collenette, ‘Au shaoux du Vouest’, P'tites Lures Guernésiaises, Cromwell Press 2006, p. 16:
      Quand nous vait les belles paunais et les manifique carottes.
      Look at the beautiful parsnips and the magnificent carrots.