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From French pingouin.


penguen (definite accusative pengueni, plural penguenler)

  1. penguin


Nominative penguen
Definite accusative pengueni
Singular Plural
Nominative penguen penguenler
Definite accusative pengueni penguenleri
Dative penguene penguenlere
Locative penguende penguenlerde
Ablative penguenden penguenlerden
Genitive penguenin penguenlerin
Possessive forms
Nominative Singular Plural
1st singular penguenim penguenlerim
2nd singular penguenin penguenlerin
3rd singular pengueni penguenleri
1st plural penguenimiz penguenlerimiz
2nd plural pengueniniz penguenleriniz
3rd plural penguenleri penguenleri
Definite accusative Singular Plural
1st singular penguenimi penguenlerimi
2nd singular penguenini penguenlerini
3rd singular penguenini penguenlerini
1st plural penguenimizi penguenlerimizi
2nd plural pengueninizi penguenlerinizi
3rd plural penguenlerini penguenlerini
Dative Singular Plural
1st singular penguenime penguenlerime
2nd singular penguenine penguenlerine
3rd singular penguenine penguenlerine
1st plural penguenimize penguenlerimize
2nd plural pengueninize penguenlerinize
3rd plural penguenlerine penguenlerine
Locative Singular Plural
1st singular penguenimde penguenlerimde
2nd singular pengueninde penguenlerinde
3rd singular pengueninde penguenlerinde
1st plural penguenimizde penguenlerimizde
2nd plural pengueninizde penguenlerinizde
3rd plural penguenlerinde penguenlerinde
Ablative Singular Plural
1st singular penguenimden penguenlerimden
2nd singular pengueninden penguenlerinden
3rd singular pengueninden penguenlerinden
1st plural penguenimizden penguenlerimizden
2nd plural pengueninizden penguenlerinizden
3rd plural penguenlerinden penguenlerinden
Genitive Singular Plural
1st singular penguenimin penguenlerimin
2nd singular pengueninin penguenlerinin
3rd singular pengueninin penguenlerinin
1st plural penguenimizin penguenlerimizin
2nd plural pengueninizin penguenlerinizin
3rd plural penguenlerinin penguenlerinin


  • penguen in Turkish dictionaries at Türk Dil Kurumu