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Borrowed from French pyramide , from Old French piramide, from Latin pyramis, genitive pyramides, from Ancient Greek πυραμίς (puramís), of unknown origin.


  • IPA(key): [piɾamit]
  • Hyphenation: pi‧ra‧mit


piramit (definite accusative piramidi, plural piramitler)

  1. (geometry, architecture) pyramid


Nominative piramit
Definite accusative piramidi
Singular Plural
Nominative piramit piramitler
Definite accusative piramidi piramitleri
Dative piramide piramitlere
Locative piramitte piramitlerde
Ablative piramitten piramitlerden
Genitive piramidin piramitlerin
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
1st singular piramidim piramitlerim
2nd singular piramidin piramitlerin
3rd singular piramidi piramitleri
1st plural piramidimiz piramitlerimiz
2nd plural piramidiniz piramitleriniz
3rd plural piramitleri piramitleri
Definite accusative
Singular Plural
1st singular piramidimi piramitlerimi
2nd singular piramidini piramitlerini
3rd singular piramidini piramitlerini
1st plural piramidimizi piramitlerimizi
2nd plural piramidinizi piramitlerinizi
3rd plural piramitlerini piramitlerini
Singular Plural
1st singular piramidime piramitlerime
2nd singular piramidine piramitlerine
3rd singular piramidine piramitlerine
1st plural piramidimize piramitlerimize
2nd plural piramidinize piramitlerinize
3rd plural piramitlerine piramitlerine
Singular Plural
1st singular piramidimde piramitlerimde
2nd singular piramidinde piramitlerinde
3rd singular piramidinde piramitlerinde
1st plural piramidimizde piramitlerimizde
2nd plural piramidinizde piramitlerinizde
3rd plural piramitlerinde piramitlerinde
Singular Plural
1st singular piramidimden piramitlerimden
2nd singular piramidinden piramitlerinden
3rd singular piramidinden piramitlerinden
1st plural piramidimizden piramitlerimizden
2nd plural piramidinizden piramitlerinizden
3rd plural piramitlerinden piramitlerinden
Singular Plural
1st singular piramidimin piramitlerimin
2nd singular piramidinin piramitlerinin
3rd singular piramidinin piramitlerinin
1st plural piramidimizin piramitlerimizin
2nd plural piramidinizin piramitlerinizin
3rd plural piramitlerinin piramitlerinin