polttaa siltansa

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polttaa (to burn) + sillat (bridges) + possessive suffix


polttaa siltansa

  1. (idiomatic) to burn one's bridges (to destroy one's connections, reputation, opportunities, etc.)
    Vaikka sinulle annettaisiin kylmästi potkut, varo polttamasta siltojasi asiattomilla kommenteilla.
    Even if you are dismissed from a job in the worst way, take care to not burn your bridges with unseemly comments.


See polttaa. siltansa is in the plural and normally in the accusative case (which appears identical to the nominative case in the plural), but is inflected in the partitive case to express an ongoing or incomplete action or if used in the negative. It also takes a possessive suffix:

possessor singular plural
1st person siltani siltamme
2nd person siltasi siltanne
3rd person siltansa