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  1. plural of præmise
    • 1622–1675, a scrap of a work reprinted in 1908 by Charles McLean Andrews in British Committees, Commissions, and Councils of Trade and Plantations, 1622–1675 (Johns Hopkins Press), page 123:
      Lastly you are to follow such other Instructions concerning the Præmises, as shall be sent to you from time to time by us under our Signe Manuall.
    • 1663, Newhavens case stated, section 21, subsection 2, reprinted in 1858 in the Records of the Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven, from May, 1653, to the Union, page 529:
      Toward the king, that yow honor him by lookeing at vs as a distinct colonie wthin ourselves, as yow see by the præmises his majty doth, & by restorin[g] vs to our former intire state, & or members to vs in obedience to his majty who hath comanded vs, as a distinct colonie, to serue him in weighty affaires, & wherein if yow hinder vs, (as yow will if yow still wthhould our members from vs, as much as in yow lieth,) yow will incurr his majties just & high displeasure, who hath not giuen yow in yor pattent the least appearance of a just ground for yor layeing any claime to vs.
    • 1859, Frederic William Russell, Kett’s rebellion in Norfolk, appendix, page 239:
      [] Which manors, messuages, lands, tenements, and præmises, with their appurtenances, now reach the clear annual value of forty marks []
    • 2006, Constance Polin and Raymond Polin, Foundations of American Political Thought: Readings And Commentary (Peter Lang; →ISBN, 9780820479309), page 89:
      This they say tends to Brownism, and abhorred anarchy, and then say they upon such præmises, it must needs follow that every member of the body must be an officer; and then every one must preach and dispence []