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quæstion +‎ -ed



  1. Archaic spelling of questioned; simple past tense and past participle of quæstion
    • 1634, Dec. 3rd, John Cotton, Letter to a Minister in England, ¶ 2; reprinted in:
    • 2001, Jul., Sargent Bush [ed.] of the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture, The Correspondence of John Cotton, page 183 (UNC Press; ISBN 978‒0‒8078‒2635‒5) — (past participle)
      To have tarryed in England for the end you mention, to appeare in defence of that cause for which we were Quæstioned, had bene (as we conceyve it in our case) to {l}imitt wittnesse-bearinge to the cause (which may [be] done more wayes then one) to one onely way, & that such away, as we doe not see god callinge vs vnto.
    • 1640, Dec. 1st, The Committee of Religion of the County of Kent, Proceedings ; reprinted in:
    • 1862, Rev. Lambert Blackwell Larking, M.A., Proceedings principally in the County of Kent, in connection with the parliaments called in 1640, and especially with the Committee of Religion appointed in that year (John Bowyer Nichols and Sons), page 84 — (simple past)
      Jo. Rothwell, stationer — Dr. Featly doth complayne that his sermons (in fol.), being sett out in the last Archbishop’s time, this Archbishop sent for him since ; quæstioned the authority of the issuing them ; had the book surveyed per Dr. Bray ; printed per Nico. Borne : seventeen sheetes of paper were denyed, to the printers detriment, &c.

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