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  • IPA(key): /raˈketo/
  • Hyphenation: ra‧ke‧to
  • Rhymes: -eto


raketo (accusative singular raketon, plural raketoj, accusative plural raketojn)

  1. rocket
  2. (sports) racket
    Synonyms: batilo, pilkoĵetilo, rakedo

Usage notes[edit]

A batilo (literally hitting device) and a pilkoĵetilo (literally ball-throwing device) are used to refer to any piece of sports equipment used to strike a ball and can be used interchangeably (though batilo is far more common). Rekedo and raketo carries with them the sense of a piece of sports equipment with a handle below a large circular or oval striking surface. A tennis racket and a golf club are both batiloj, but neither a baseball bat nor a golf club is a rakedo. A raketo is also used to refer to a rocket or missile.