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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. simple past tense of recce
    • 1994: Richard Marcinko, Rogue Warrior
      We recce'd Davis-Monthan first. There were a dozen C-130 birds in the graveyard.
    • 2004: Michael Freeman, Cambodia
      Although the Cambodian footage was to be a small part of the whole, Ron wanted everything. Each location that we recce'd was better for him than the last.
    • 2004: Harry Foxley, Marking Time: An Account of Ordinary Soldiering
      I recce'd my range, which was intended to be used for pairs fire and manoeuvre, and generally got on with it.
  2. past participle of recce
    • 2005: Les Lumsdon, Marin Smith, Best Pub Walks in the White Peak: 30 Classic Peak District Rambles
      A stout metal fence prevents any further exploration, but at the time the walk was recce'd you could hear water pounding away below.