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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. simple past tense of recce
    • 1982: Hāsāna Hāphijura Rahamāna, Bāṃlādeśera svādhīnatā yuddha: dalilapatra
      Issued warning order to my troops for next operation. Recceed the general area at Guthuma and Motai BOPs.
    • 2005: Delhi Newsline, Bombers avoided city, stuck to outskirts read at [1] on 23 Sep 06.
      The interrogation of reporter-turned-terrorist Tariq Ahmed Dar has revealed that the four bombers, all foreign nationals, set up base on the fringes of Delhi and only recceed the blast sites days before the attack.
  2. past participle of recce
    • 2005: Coral Cay Conservation, April Update - Malaysia Tropical Forest Project read at [2] on 23 Sep 06.
      Two exciting new sites were recceed in preparation for camps in the near future - firstly Bintang Hill, a large hill covered in some nice lowland tropical forest; secondly Tasik Borumbak, another wetland site comprising of mangrove, forest and lake habitats.