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  1. Archaic form of ramasser. [chiefly before 1900]
    • 1796, M. Perrault, R. S. Gent (translator), Tales of Passed Times by Mother Goose (originally Contes du tems passé de ma mere l’oye), 7th edition, T. Boosey, pages 125–127:
      Le bucheron ſe mit à couper du bois & ſes enfans à remaſſer les broutilles pour faire des fagots.
      The faggot-maker began to cut wood, and the children to gather up the ſticks to make faggots.
    • Arthur Edwards Jones (quoting Jacques Marquette), The Site of the Mascoutin in 1906 Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsing at its Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting, Madison, page 179:
      Les Sauvages remassent quantité de prunes et de raisins dont on pourroi faire beaucoup de vin si L’on vouloit.
      The Savages gather quantities of plums and grapes, wherewith much wine could be made, if desired.
    • Gary R. Butler (quoting Paul Sébillot) The Lutin Tradition in French-Newfoundland Culture: Discourse and Belief in 1991 Peter Narváez, The Good People: New Fairylore Essays, Garland Publishing, page 16:
      [] , et comme il est obligé de remasser une à une ces innombrables graines, []
      [] and as he is obliged to pick up the many grains one grain at a time, []


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