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Alternative forms[edit]


roncus m (genitive ronci); second declension

  1. a croak
    • c. 123–180 ADLucius Apuleius Platonicus, Metamorphoses, 1.9
      et nunc senex ille dolio innatans vini sui adventores pristinos in faece submissus officiosis roncis raucus appellat
      and now the poor wretch swimming in one of his own pipes of wine, and being well nigh drowned in the dregs, doth cry and call with croakings continually for his old guests and acquaintance that pass by


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative roncus roncī
genitive roncī roncōrum
dative roncō roncīs
accusative roncum roncōs
ablative roncō roncīs
vocative ronce roncī