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Alternative forms[edit]




  1. present participle of secret
    • 1736: Mark Anthony Mills, Esq. (editor), The Ancient Ordinances and Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, §: “Insula Monæ”, ordinance proclaimed At a Court holden in Castle Rushen the 11th Day of August, Anno Domini 1736, page 240 (The Phœnix Press)
      [… M]any Instances have lately happened of notorious Malefactors, as well as Persons imprisoned for Debt, breaking and making their Escape out of Goale, and so by the Help of their Confederates secretting themselves, and clandestinely getting off the Island, by which Means Delinquents evade Justice, and honest People are deprived of their due Debts, to the great Detriment of the Publick []
    • 2003: Brian Silberman, Manifest: A Play, page 34 (University of Tampa Press; →ISBN, 9781879852938)
      (He lets one more stone fall from his hand, then snaps his palm shut, secretting the contents, holding the fist upraised in front of the girl, teasing her with his game.)