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  1. (proscribed) plural of sequella

Usage notes[edit]

Although the proper plural form of sequella is sequellae, it is notable that sequellas is occasionally used in the translation of French medical journals Pubmed. From 1952 to 2004 there are a total of seven pubmed hits for sequellas.


  • 1995 Dao B, Diouf A, Bambara M, Bah MD, Diadhiou F. Contraception, fertilité, sexualité Vaginal injuries during coitus: 98 cases Jun;23(6):420-2.
"The vaginal injury was located in the posterior cul de sac in 39 cases and was of 5 cm of length in 56%. Surgical suture was required in 92 out of 98 patients, in combination with local and general antibiotics. Conclusion: Vaginal injuries due to coitus are frequent in our practice and they create serious anatomic lesions. So there is a need to precise the etiopathogenicity (hormonal deficiency ?, infections ?, role of the male partner) and to evaluate the long term sequellas."