skella á

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skella á

  1. (with accusative) to hang up
    Hún skellti á mig!
    She hung up on me!
    Af hverju skelltirðu á mig?
    Why did you hang up on me?
    Ég ætla að skella á þig!
    I'm going to hang up on you!
    Hún skellti á pabba minn þegar hann sagðist koma klukkan sjö.
    She hung up on my dad when he said he'd arrive at seven o'clock.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The verb skella á has a harsher and more of a negative connotation (akin to slamming the phone down) than the verb leggja á which has a softer meaning (akin to laying the phone down).