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skvaller (gossip) +‎ spegel (mirror), used since 1897. In Danish called gadespejl (street mirror).


skvallerspegel c

  1. a double mirror mounted outside a window, for viewing up and down the street; similar to a rear-view mirror, but mounted on a house; common in small towns with wooden houses (Kalmar, Vadstena)
    • Hjalmar Bergman, 1919, Markurells i Wadköping, chapter 5
      Och där satt hon, till synes bunden av sin vana och sin kära skvallerspegel, som fängslat henne i ett drygt halvsekel.
      And there she sat, apparently spellbound by her habit and her dear mirror outside the window, that had held her captive for more than half a century.


Declension of skvallerspegel 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative skvallerspegel skvallerspegeln skvallerspeglar skvallerspeglarna
Genitive skvallerspegels skvallerspegelns skvallerspeglars skvallerspeglarnas



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