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  1. (obsolete) past participle of sow
    • 1667, Richard Allestree, The Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety, Chapter 3, pages 44–45:
      But in this caſe there is yet a father concurrent towards it, Chriſts parable tells us of Fowles that devoured the Seed, which himſelf interprets to be the wicked one, which catcheth away the word ſow’n in means hearts : When that ſpiritual ſeed lies looſe and ſcatter’d upon the ſurface, and is not by deep and ſerious meditation, harrowed as it were into the ground, it offers it ſelf a ready prey to the devourer, and God knows the event is too ready to atteſt the truth of the obſervation : []