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West Frisian[edit]


From Old Frisian sterva, from Proto-Germanic *sterbaną, itself either from Proto-Indo-European *(s)terp- ‎(to lose force; lose sensibility, become numb; be dead, be motionless) or from *sterbʰ- ‎(to be stiff, become stiff). Cognate with Saterland Frisian stjerwa, English starve, Dutch sterven, Low German starven, staarven, German sterben.



  1. to die


Infinitive: stjerre
Present tense Past tense
person singular plural singular plural
1st ik stjer wy stjerre ik stoar wy stjoaren
2nd do/dû stjerst jimme stjerre do/dû stoarst jimme stjoaren
3rd hy/sy stjert hja stjerre hy/sy stjoar hja stjoaren
Present participle Imperative Auxiliary Past participle
stjerrend (stjerrende) stjer wêze stoarn