substantiæ nigræ

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substantiæ nigræ pl

  1. (archaic) plural of substantia nigra
    • 1902, Physiological Society of Great Britain, The Journal of Physiology (Cambridge University Press), volume 27, page 18
      The partial degeneration of the substantiæ nigræ is probably dependent on the partial absence of the corpora striata, which as we have above described supply bundles of fibres to them.
    • 1929, Edinburgh Medical Journal, page 69
      In this, however, they all agree that the mechanisms are related to the large nuclei at the base of the brain; that the central cortex is related to the thalami, corpora striata and substantiæ nigræ; that the cerebellar lobes are related to the red nuclei and cerebral surfaces; that these systems are related to the eyes and vestibular organs and that the vestibular organs are related to the eyes through the posterior longitudinal fasciculus.