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supplicātiō f ‎(genitive supplicātiōnis); third declension

  1. thanksgiving
  2. supplication


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative supplicātiō supplicātiōnēs
genitive supplicātiōnis supplicātiōnum
dative supplicātiōnī supplicātiōnibus
accusative supplicātiōnem supplicātiōnēs
ablative supplicātiōne supplicātiōnibus
vocative supplicātiō supplicātiōnēs


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    • to proclaim a public thanksgiving at all the street-shrines of the gods: supplicationem indicere ad omnia pulvinaria (Liv. 27. 4)
    • to decree a public thanksgiving for fifteen days: supplicationem quindecim dierum decernere (Phil. 14. 14. 37)
    • to celebrate a festival of thanksgiving: supplicationem habere (Liv. 22. 1. 15)