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t A i i

feminine singular

  1. this, that [Late Egyptian]
  2. possessive pronoun [Late Egyptian]

Usage notes[edit]

This demonstrative can be used alone, as a pronoun. When used as a demonstrative it precedes the noun it describes

In Middle Egyptian, this pronoun was colloquial - it became standard in Late Egyptian.

When a suffix pronoun is added, it serves as a possessive pronoun.


Masculine Demonstrative: p3y
Possessive Singular Dual Plural
1st person p3y.j p3y.nj p3y.n
2nd masculine p3y.k p3y.ṯnj p3y.ṯn / p3y.tn
2nd feminine p3y.ṯ / p3y.t
3rd masculine p3y.f p3y.snj p3y.sn / p3y.w
3rd feminine p3y.s
Feminine Demonstrative: t3y
Possessive Singular Dual Plural
1st person t3y.j t3y.nj t3y.n
2nd masculine t3y.k t3y.ṯnj t3y.ṯn / t3y.tn
2nd feminine t3y.ṯ / t3y.t
3rd masculine t3y.f t3y.snj t3y.sn / t3y.w
3rd feminine t3y.s
Neuter Demonstrative: n3y
Possessive Singular Dual Plural
1st person n3y.j n3y.nj n3y.n
2nd masculine n3y.k n3y.ṯnj n3y.ṯn / n3y.tn
2nd feminine n3y.ṯ / n3y.t
3rd masculine n3y.f n3y.snj n3y.sn / n3y.w
3rd feminine n3y.s


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