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  • IPA(key): /tɛkˈnɒ.pɒ.lɛɪz/



  1. plural of technopolis
    • 1988, Antonio Furino, Coöperation and Competition in the Global Economy: Issues and Strategies, page 192:
      The result of these activities is the emergence of technopoleis where state government, local government, private corporations, universities…
    • 1994, David V. Gibson & Everett M. Rogers, R & D Collaboration on Trial: The Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, page 179:
      “Techno” reflects an emphasis on technology; “polis” is Greek for city-state and suggests a balance between public and private sectors. The plural form of the word “polis” is “poleis”; therefore, we use the plural “technopoleis” rather than “technopolises” or “technopoli”.
      Some technopoleis are the result of long-term planning and varying degrees of public / private collaboration…
      Two of the oldest and most famous US technopoleis — Silicon Valley, California, and Route 128, Boston — were not based on long-term planning.
      Some technopoleis have benefited from varying degrees of visionary planning and sporadic public / private collaboration, such as Austin, Texas; Troy, New York; Phoenix, Arizona; Cambridge and Oxford, England; and Bangalore, India (see Tatsuno, 1988; Morita and Hiraoka, 1988; Onda, 1988; Segal, 1988; Lafitte, 1988; Bozzo and Gibson, 1990; and Singhal et al., 1990).
    • 2004, George Kozmetsky et alios, New Wealth: Commercialization of Science and Technology for Business and Economic Development, page 153:
      Worldwide, there are emerging technopoleis in cities in Japan, India, England, Russia, and France.