that's wassup

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Alternative forms[edit]


that's wassup

  1. (slang) This is excellent; this is cool. Used to express approval
    • 2006, Inside Man, 00:54:10
      (A hostage taker speaking to a child) -- Is it good? -- No doubt. -- It's gonna be okay. -- Cool. -- You'll be home soon. -- That's wassup.
    • 2011, Upgrade U by Ni-Ni Simone, page 224
      "A'ight", Zaire said nonchalantly. "Cool, that's wassup. So I tell you what, I'ma go grab me a burger".
    • 2010, Street Sinuata by Rafael Solece, page 109
      That's wassup, Todd! Nice too meet you mayn'e”. Antonio had no need to elevate his voice. The deep baritone carried itself over the bass line in the back ground.