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  1. plural of tupilak
    • 1986, Joelle Robert-Lamblin, Ammassalik, East Greenland - End or Presistance of an Isolate, Museum Tusculanum Press →ISBN, page 115
      ... the word tupilak is used of a small carving 10 or 15 cm high representing a grotesque or composite being, stretched and slightly curved, following the shape of the sperm-whale tooth out of which it is carved. Some of these tupilat are inspired ...
    • 1982, Jean Malaurie, The Last Kings of Thule: With the Polar Eskimos As They Face Their Destiny, New York : Dutton
      To repeat, what the Eskimo does fear are the spirits of the dead or evil spirits — toornat or tupilat — which can bring misfortune and the most terrible suffering before death. Tupilat, who usually have big ears, some sort of horns, large protruding ...
    • year unknown, The Acculturative Role of Sea Woman, Museum Tusculanum Press →ISBN, page 15
      Tupilat were considered extremely dangerous and would demand stronger defence spirits than Equngasoq.
    • 1994, Deanna Swaney, Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands: A Travel Survival Kit, Lonely Planet
      The Inuit did not fear death but they did fear such spirits including the toornot, the spirits of the dead; the tupilat, the hideous creatures that populate nightmares; and the qivittoq, the glacier spirits which could take possession of a person who ...
    • 1971, Transactions of the Anthropological Society of Washington
      The Eskimos entertain a great fear of the Tupilat, the Spirits of the Dead, who kill every one daring to offend them.
    • 1987, Donnerska institutet för religionshistorisk och kulturhistorisk forskning, Saami religion
      Tupilat were there rumoured but neither fashioned nor seen. According to rumour , a tupilak could change size, from that of a fox to that of a caribou, and vice versa.
    • 2000, Yumtzilob
      New objects were developed; for instance bone sculptures (tupilat) as ...