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  1. (informal) Used in genitive as fortifier, especially in the expressions tuusan nuuskana and tuusan nuuskaksi.
    Maljakko putosi lattialle ja on nyt tuusan nuuskana.
    The vase fell on the floor and is now in bits and pieces.
    Maljakko putosi lattialle ja meni tuusan nuuskaksi.
    The vase fell on the floor and went to bits and pieces.
  2. (informal, dialectal) shattered; only used in translative and essive singular in analogy with previous sense.
    Voi ei, kaunis maljakko on tuusana!
    Oh no, the beautiful vase is shattered.
    Voi ei, kaunis maljakko meni tuusaksi!
    Oh no, the beautiful vase shattered.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Never used as attribute.