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From tvär +‎ brant. (sense 2) perhaps by hyperbolic extension. Cognate with Norwegian Nynorsk tverrbratt.



tvärbrant (not comparable)

  1. sheer, precipitous ((nearly) vertical)
    tvärbranta klippor
    sheer cliffs
    en djup ravin med tvärbranta väggar
    a deep ravine with sheer walls
  2. very steep, precipitous (very steep, more generally)
    gå uppför en tvärbrant stig
    walk up a very steep path


Inflection of tvärbrant
Indefinite Positive Comparative Superlative2
Common singular tvärbrant
Neuter singular tvärbrant
Plural tvärbranta
Masculine plural3 tvärbrante
Definite Positive Comparative Superlative
Masculine singular1 tvärbrante
All tvärbranta
1) Only used, optionally, to refer to things whose natural gender is masculine.
2) The indefinite superlative forms are only used in the predicative.
3) Dated or archaic

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