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Alternative forms[edit]


undan (away) +‎ be (ask)


undanbe (present undanber, preterite undanbad, supine undanbett, imperative undanbe)

  1. (often reflexive) to ask for (something) not to happen, to ask to not have to deal with (something), to excuse oneself from (something), to decline (something)
    All uppvaktning på min födelsedag undanbedes
    I do not wish to be celebrated on my birthday (common phrasing in notices)
    Han undanbad sig professuren
    He declined the professorship
    Jag undanber mig långa sjöresor
    I prefer to not go on long sea voyages
    Rökning undanbedes
    Please do not smoke here

Usage notes[edit]

The passive undanbedes is more idiomatic than undanbes despite belonging to the otherwise dated declension. "X undanbedes" means "We ask you not to X"/"Please do not X." Fairly formal.