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  1. comparative form of unique: more unique
    • 1970, Bernard Grun, Gold and silver: the life and times of Franz Lehár, page 127:
      The story of The Merry Widow became uniquer and uniquer, the further it progressed in its starry orbit.
    • 2001, Stephen King, Dreamcatcher: A Novel, →ISBN, page 311:
      Pete and Beaver were unique, Henry is uniquer, and he, Jonesy, is uniquest. Look, he's even starring in his own movie! How unique is that, as his oldest son would say.
    • 2003, Brad Lockwood, Wink, →ISBN, page 269:
      “That sunset, it was totally original.” “Like me.” he coughs. “You bet, just like you, Clif .” “But I got this other problem, think it makes me uniquer."

Usage notes[edit]

This word is proscribed by many, because unique implies that there is only one, and so a comparative form is logically inconsistent. It is typically used as hyperbole.