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  1. nominative feminine singular of versūrus
  2. nominative neuter plural of versūrus
  3. accusative neuter plural of versūrus
  4. vocative feminine singular of versūrus
  5. vocative neuter plural of versūrus



  1. ablative feminine singular of versūrus


versūra f (genitive versūrae); first declension

  1. A turning around
  2. The borrowing of money to repay a debt; a borrowing, loan


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative versūra versūrae
Genitive versūrae versūrārum
Dative versūrae versūrīs
Accusative versūram versūrās
Ablative versūrā versūrīs
Vocative versūra versūrae


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