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"Why d'you" /ˈwaɪdju/ becomes /ˈwaɪdʒə/ ("whyja") by yod-coalescence (whereby /j/ assimilates to /ʒ/) and reduction of the unstressed /u/ (which becomes /ə/).




  1. Eye dialect spelling of why d'you.
    • 2000, Niall Griffiths, Grits, Vintage, ISBN 9780099285175, page 360:
      whyja afta caws awl these arguments eh? Why can’t ya just, ya know, chill out?
    • 2003, Marianne Wiggins, Evidence of Things Unseen, Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0-684-86969-1, page 105:
      Why is that? ¶ The deeds and titles lady looked at her like she was stupid. ¶ Whyja think?
    • 2010, Warren J. Luedtke, Stories of Life, Xlibris, ISBN 978-1-4500-8560-1, page 18:
      Abe heard Julie sleepily call, “Abe, whyja open the door?” He told her he had heard a car start up and take off, looked outside and saw a box on the stoop with a note attached, sitting in the rain.