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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *wy(H)āgʰras. Cognate with Persian ببر (babr) and related to Old Armenian վագր (vagr) and Old Georgian ვიგრი (vigri) (both loanwords from Iranian).


व्याघ्र (vyāghrám

  1. a tiger (not in RV., but in AV., often mentioned with the lion; according to R. III, 30, 26, शार्दूली (śārdūlī) is the mythical mother of tigers; but in वह्निपुराण (vahni-purāṇa) they are said to be the offspring of कश्यप (kaśyapa)'s wife दंष्ट्रा (daṃṣṭrā); compare चित्रव्याघ्र (citra-vyāghra)) (AV. etc.)
  2. any pre-eminently strong or noble person, "a tiger among men" (compare ऋषभ (ṛṣabha), सिंह (siṃha))
  3. Millettia pinnata (L.)
  4. a red variety of the castor-oil plant (L.)
  5. name of a rākṣasa (VP.)
  6. name of a king (Rājat.)
  7. name of various authors (also abridged from व्याघ्रपद् (vyāghra-pad)) (Cat.)




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