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Character  뒤 
Unicode block Hangul Syllables
Codepoint U+B4A4
Composition +
Dubeolsik keyboard entry e-n-l


Etymology 1[edit]

뒈 ←

듀 →


(transliterations: RR dwi, RRT , McCune–Reischauer , Yale twi)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.



  1. back, latter, rear
  2. afterwards, future, next
  3. aftermath, result, trail
  4. care, support
  5. (human) excrement, faeces
The terms below need to be checked and allocated to the definitions (senses) of the headword above. Each term should appear in the sense for which it is appropriate. Use the template {{sense|"gloss"}}, substituting a short version of the definition for "gloss".
  • (hu, “back, latter, afterwards”, )
  • (ttong, “excrement, faeces”) cf. dung
Derived terms[edit]