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X is the new Y[edit]


Its first form, "X is the Y of Z", was said by Diana Vreeland as "pink is the navy blue of India" in the early 1960s. This phrase was originally used with colors, and the "X is the new Y" form appeared in the 1980s with many colors being referred to as "the new black".


  • Frequency: Very, very frequent (upward of 1 billion Google or Google Books results)
  • Most common uses: X and Y can be pretty much anything here. First two pages of Google results show "pink is the new blog", "pale is the new tan", "small is the new big", "fugly is the new pretty", "big is the new small", "fake is the new real", "RIM is the new Palm", "OAuth is the new Hotness", "ginger is the new pink", "night is the new day", "TV is the new mobile", and "ISO is the new megapixel".