Britney Spears

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After Britney Spears (1981-), American pop singer and entertainer.


Britney Spears (plural not attested)

  1. A female who resembles the image projected by Britney Spears, typified by a superficial, faux-innocent sexuality.
    • 2001, Bitch: feminist response to pop culture
      My nightmare is the kind of Britney Spears teen-bubblegum nightmare of what my teen girl will become.
    • 2002, Sharon Lamb, The Secret Lives of Girls: What Good Girls Really Do--Sex Play, Aggression ...‎, page 39:
      The little girl already senses the appeal and attraction of a Britney Spears, a cross between Barbie and her little sister, Skipper.
    • 2002, ELLEgirl‎, volume 1, page 154: 
      I'm going for a Britney Spears look because my baby can pull that off.
    • 2004, Ruby Ann Boxcar, Dear Ruby Ann: Down Home Advice About Lovin', Livin', and the Whole Shebang all of a sudden she thinks she's some kind of Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.