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Russian terms that indicate actions, occurrences or states.[edit]

  • Category:Russian verb forms: Russian verbs that are conjugated to display grammatical relations other than the main form.
  • Category:Russian abstract verbs: Russian abstract verbs of motion whose motion is multidirectional (as opposed to unidirectional) or indirect, or whose action is repeated or in a series, instead of being a single, completed action. Abstract verbs are always imperfective in aspect, even with prefixes that are normally associated with the perfective aspect.
  • Category:Russian biaspectual verbs: Russian verbs that can be both imperfective and perfective.
  • Category:Russian concrete verbs: Russian concrete verbs refer to a verbal aspect in verbs of motion that is unidirectional (as opposed to multidirectional), a definitely directed motion, or a single, completed action (instead of a repeated action or series of actions). Concrete verbs may be either imperfective or perfective.
  • Category:Russian defective verbs: Russian verbs that lack one or more forms in their conjugations.
  • Category:Russian imperfective verbs: Russian verbs that express actions considered as ongoing or continuous, as opposed to completed events.
  • Category:Russian impersonal verbs: Russian verbs that do not indicate actions, occurrences or states of any specific grammatical subject.
  • Category:Russian verbs by inflection type: Russian verbs organized by the type of inflection they follow.
  • Category:Russian intransitive verbs: Russian verbs that don't require any grammatical objects.
  • Category:Russian perfective verbs: Russian verbs that express actions considered as completed events, as opposed to ongoing or continuous.
  • Category:Russian reflexive verbs: Russian verbs that indicate actions, occurrences or states directed from the grammatical subjects to themselves.
  • Category:Russian semelfactive verbs: Russian verbs that are punctual (instantaneous, momentive), perfective (treated as a unitary whole with no explicit internal temporal structure), and telic (having a boundary out of which the activity cannot be said to have taken place or continue).
  • Category:Russian transitive verbs: Russian verbs that indicate actions, occurrences or states directed to one or more grammatical objects.


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