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Context labels should be added to the start of definitions in order to aid people in both finding the definition they want quickly, and also in understanding when and where it is appropriate to use the word.

The labels are divided into a few broad groups, the topical labels ({{computing}}, {{archery}}), grammatical information ({{uncountable}}, {{plurale tantum}}), the circumstance labels ({{slang}}, {{archaic}}), and the dialectical labels ({{US}}, {{Commonwealth}}). Full lists of these many templates can be found at Category:Context labels.

If you cannot find a template you need, then you can either create a new one or you can use {{context}} with any text, for example:

# {{context|painting}} A thick brush.

It should be noted that, although they produce similar output, {{sense}} and {{qualifier}} are for use in lists of words to tie the list to a particular sense of the word. They should not be used in the definition itself.