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The following documentation is located at Template:trans-top/documentation. [edit]
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Use this template to display a “Translations” section. It should not be used for anything else.
E.g. on word:

{{trans-top|unit of language}}
* Basque: {{t|eu|hitz}}
* Dutch: {{t|nl|woord|n}}
* French: {{t|fr|mot|m}}
* German: {{t|de|Wort|n}}
* Greek: {{t+|el|λέξη|f|tr=léxi|sc=Grek}}, {{t|el|κουβέντα|f|tr=kouvénta|sc=Grek}}, {{t+|el|λόγος|m|tr=lógos|sc=Grek}}
* Italian: {{t|it|parola|f}}, {{t|it|vocabolo|m}}, {{t|it|termine|m}}
* Japanese: {{t|ja|言葉|tr=kotoba|sc=Jpan}}, {{t|ja|単語|tr=tango|sc=Jpan}}
* Latin: {{t|la|vocabulum|n}}, {{t|la|verbum|n}}
* Russian: {{t|ru|слово|n|tr=slóvo|sc=Cyrl}}
* Spanish: {{t|es|palabra|f}}

{{trans-top|something promised}}
* French: {{t|fr|parole|f}}
* German: {{t|de|Ehrenwort|n}}
* Greek: {{t+|el|λόγος|m|tr=lógos|sc=Grek}}
* Italian: {{t|it|parola|f}}
* Portuguese: {{t|pt|palavra}}
* Russian: {{t|ru|слово|n|tr=slóvo|sc=Cyrl}}

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