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I'm still fairly new to Wiktionary.

I started editing on English Wikipedia before expanding into the other projects. I came to Wiktionary via Wikisource, where I have often annotated texts to include wikilinks to this project. I'm British, and a native speaker of English. I am not very good at using any other language but I can struggle through a few and know bits and pieces of several more.

My other wikimedia userpages are: WikipediaWikimedia CommonsWikisourceWikiquoteWikibooksMeta

My main avenue to editing Wiktionary is:

  1. Finding an odd or (to me) unknown word via Wikisource (or, sometimes, print books and other writing).
  2. Checking Wiktionary.
  3. Not finding a definition.
  4. Checking other sources to confirm that the word is real.
  5. Creating a new definition on Wiktionary based on the results of step 4.
  6. Adding a range of examples based on both step 4 and new searches of Wikisource, Google Books and other likely sources.


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