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Have an entry request? Add it to the list. - But please:

  • Think twice before adding long lists of words as they may be ignored.
  • If possible provide context, usage, field of relevance, etc.

Please remove entries from this list once they have been written (i.e. the link is “live”, shown in blue, and has a section for the correct language)

There are a few things you can do to help:

  • For words which are listed here only in their romanized form, please add the correct form in Tamil script.
  • Don’t delete words just because you don’t know them — it may be that they are used only in certain contexts or are archaic or obsolete.
  • Don’t simply replace words with what you believe is the correct form. The form here may be rare or regional. Instead add the standard form and comment that the requested form seems to be an error in your experience.

Requested-entry pages for other languages: Category:Requested entries by language. See also: Category:Tamil terms needing attention.

Unsorted requests[edit]



  • க் (k)
  • ங் () ṅ mellinam [ŋ]
  • ச் (c) c vallinam [t͡ʃ], [dʒ], [ʃ], [s], [ʒ]
  • ஞ் (ñ) ñ mellinam [ɲ]
  • ட் () ṭ vallinam [ʈ], [ɖ], [ɽ]
  • ண் () ṇ mellinam [ɳ]
  • த் (t) t vallinam [t̪], [d̪], [ð]
  • ந் (n) n mellinam [n]
  • ப் (p) p vallinam [p], [b], [β]

Consonant ISO 15919 Category IPA

  • ம் (m) m mellinam [m]
  • ய் (y) y idaiyinam [j]
  • ர் (r) r idaiyinam [ɾ]
  • ல் (l) l idaiyinam [l]
  • வ் (v) v idaiyinam [v]
  • ழ் () ẓ, ḻ, ṛ idaiyinam [ɹ]
  • ள் () ḷ idaiyinam [ɭ]
  • ற் () ṟ, R vallinam [r], [t], [d]
  • ன் () ṉ, N mellinam [n]

Consonant ISO 15919 IPA


Isolated form

  • (i) i [i]
  • (ū) ū [uː]

Vowel ISO 15919 IPA

  • (e) e [e]
  • (ai) ai [ʌj]
  • (o) o [o]
  • (ō) ō [oː]
  • (au) au [ʌʋ]

Compound form

Using the consonant 'k' as an example: Compound form ISO 15919 IPA

Compound form ISO 15919 IPA