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a- +‎ melodic


amelodic (comparative more amelodic, superlative most amelodic)

  1. (sound) Not melodic
    • 1998 May 29, Monica Kendrick, “Sweet Self-Indulgence”, Chicago Reader:
      Though her savagely amelodic vocals were mixed unfortunately low, Gordon gave the noise-hungry the most to work with, and seemed to ignite the potential for chaos that Moore and Ranaldo were keeping tastefully in check, saving themselves for the long haul.
    • 2005 February 25, Liz Armstrong, Keith Harris, Monica Kendrick, Peter Margasak, J. Niimi, “The Treatment”, Chicago Reader:
      Unfortunately Harrison decided to sing on the bulk of the record, and he's got a quavery, amelodic whine like Dave Matthews.

Derived terms[edit]