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Alternative forms[edit]


Turkish bahşiş, from Persian بخشیش (bakhšīš, present; an honorary or pecuniary gratuity; drink-money) or بخشش (bakhšiš), from بخشیدن (bakhšīdan, to give, grant, bestow).



baksheesh (usually uncountable, plural baksheeshes)

  1. (business, ethics) In the Middle East, southwest Asia and Eastern Europe, a bribe or tip paid to speed up services.
    • 1966, Leo Deuel, Testaments of Time: the Search for Lost Manuscripts and Records, New York, p. 367:
      the complex Oriental etiquette which under the name of "baksheesh" calls for lavish remuneration and bribes, rudely demanded but ever so graciously accepted by the natives in return for little or no services rendered.
    • 1985, Eugene R. Laczniak et al., Marketing Ethics: Guidelines for Managers, ISBN 9780669108330, p. 86:
      Baksheesh (lubrication payment) is often the accepted manner of doing business in the Middle and Far East. However, one must be careful not to confuse ethics with the law.




baksheesh (third-person singular simple present baksheeshes, present participle baksheeshing, simple past and past participle baksheeshed)

  1. To bribe with a baksheesh.