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blót (plural blóts)

  1. A Norse pagan ritual sacrifice, now performed by the followers of Asatru.
    • 2001, John Lindow, Handbook of Norse Mythology, ABC-CLIO, page 35
      These show us the importance of verbal activity at a blót, specifically verbal activity aimed at producing a result, presumably by means of intervention by the deities.
    • 2005, Galina Krasskova, Exploring the Northern Tradition: A Guide to the Gods, Lore, Rites, and Celebrations from the Norse, German, and Anglo-Saxon Traditions, Career Press, page 151
      In the past, before Christianity spread across Europe, the average blót would generally have involved some sort of animal sacrifice.
    • 2006, Anders Andrén, Kristina Jennbert, Catharina Raudvere, Old Norse Religion in Long-term Perspectives: Origins, Changes, and Interactions : an International Conference in Lund, Sweden, June 3-7, 2004, Nordic Academic Press, page 75
      He soon comes back to land, makes a largely undescribed blót sacrifice to Óðinn, and receives confirmation of his god's approval in the flight of two cawing ravens.
    • 2009, , The Ásatrú Edda: Sacred Lore of the North, The Norroena Society, page 5
      Do you know how to blót? / Do you know how to slaughter?

Old Norse[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *blōtą.


blót n

  1. ritual sacrifice